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Qatar: Travel and safety information

The tourism of the capital Doha is well developed. There is a sufficient number of international hotels of different standards and price ranges. Outside of Doha the offer is minimal.

It is recommended to book a hotel in advance, as the number of hotels in Qatar has increased, but is seasonally limited, especially for sporting events.
Travel within Qatar is not subject to special restrictions.
Means of transport are primarily taxis, limousine service or rental cars. Public transport is unreliable and not recommended.

Road traffic in good road conditions is characterised by high speeds, undisciplined driving behaviour and many accidents. In the event of an accident, it is forbidden to leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive and permit this.
Tourists should only travel into the desert and into areas that are difficult to access, especially in the north and west of Qatar, with an off-road all-wheel-drive vehicle and in a convoy or with the help of a local tour operator or acquaintance familiar with the area, and with ample supplies of petrol and drinking water. It is recommended that information about the planned route and a return time be deposited with the hotel or host.

Telephone calls while driving, drink driving and even insulting gestures are punished with sometimes heavy fines.

Driving licence

With an international driving licence, which is always valid in conjunction with the national German driving licence, a rental car can be rented for a period of up to seven days.

Special instructions for use

In view of continuing tensions and events in some countries of the Near and Middle East, travelers to Qatar should be cautious in their public appearances, consider Qatar’s religious, cultural and social traditions in their behavior, and refrain from demonstrations or protest events.

Qatar’s customs and laws are strongly influenced by Islam and its beliefs and values.

Women are not subject to any particular restrictions or prohibitions. They are allowed to drive a motor vehicle as well as to move in public even without male company. With regard to clothing, however, restraint is required. Shoulder-free tops and very short skirts or trousers do not correspond to local values and can lead to unwanted and unpleasant attention from third parties.


Latest News

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have broken off diplomatic relations with Qatar since 5 June 2017. Other states, including Yemen, Mauritania, Chad, the Comoros, the Maldives and Mauritius have followed suit.
Saudi Arabia has closed its land, air and sea borders with Qatar and interrupted land, air and sea transport, and air and sea transport with Qatar has also ceased from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. These states are also denying Qatar Airways landing and overflight rights and have banned their own airlines from flying to Qatar. This has implications for air and maritime transport, particularly in the Gulf States.

Since November 2017, Bahrain has required Qatari nationals and foreign residents with residence permits to hold an entry visa, which must be applied for electronically in advance, see Bahrain Travel and Security Information.
German citizens who intend to travel from Doha via Oman or Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates should inform themselves in advance about the current entry regulations of these countries.
Travelers via Doha HIA International Airport are advised to contact their airline or tour operator directly regarding their travel connections


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